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They touch people’s lives and homes with beautifully uncomplicated scents. They don’t scream and shout, they live in harmony and provide a relaxing fragrance backdrop for the day or evening that sits comfortably, both complementing and enhancing the home.

They create a fragrance destination that lives with your décor, and helps your place smell like home.

Our Products

Scented Soy Candles

Simply beautiful fragrances designed for every room in your home and available in two sizes.

Fragrance Diffusers

When you come home to a Circa Home Diffuser you will instantly be welcomed with a deliciously scented fragrance that warms the heart and pleases the soul. Available in our signature 250ml Fragrance Diffuser and our new Liquidless Range.

Electric Wax Warmer & Soy Melts

A flameless way to enjoy beautiful fragrance in every room in your home.

Hand Washes

Circa Home Hand Wash nourishes your skin and indulges the senses, with moisturising olive leaf extract, antioxidant rich Vitamin E and a delicate evocative fragrance.

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